Welcome to my blog. Let me take the time to welcome you and give my most sincere hopes that you find this blog interesting, enlightening, and informative but before you hop in, let me explain a couple things that will make reading my blog a bit easier. There a couple of terms I use which are Phases, Elolight, The Flow, and Architects.

The Three Phases
I believe humanity will go through three phases before they arrive at what I consider to be our final destination.

To read more about the three phases you can visit here.

Elolight is like water, it comes in three different states. Solid which is a physical destination. Steam which is the intermediary process or action needed to get to the other two states, and finally liquid which explains the other two. Noun, Verb, and Adjective. Elolight at its base is the God concept or rather as I put it the ultimate aspiration of man. You do not necessarily need to be a theist to believe in God, you could be an Atheist who believes God is a complete psychological construct. The goal of Elolight is not to prove or disprove God instead it utilizes the concept as a way of promoting human progression. Three possible uses may be something like this:

“We must be empathetic in order to reach Elolight.” – used as a noun or the final destination.
“Her action was brave one that was very Elolight in nature.” – used as an adjective to describe a thing or action that promotes the final destination.
“Together through the process of Elolight we will see the universe in new ways.” – used as a verb or the process of getting from now to the final destination.

To read more about Elolight you can visit here.

The Flow
The flow are unexpected external events that force us to change our lives in fundamental ways for both good and bad.

More about the flow can be read here.

While I don’t use this as much this term refers to the group of people, sometimes elite, who move the world in fundamental ways to promote Elolight.

Read more about architects here.

Getting Started 
Here are some blog posts I think are very important to get started on.


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