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The Human Condition

With the recent Bill Nye Video on creationism, I thought I would take the time to write about science and the human condition. The primary friction when it comes to the theory of evolution for the religious is that it would prove that God did not create us in a complete form but also that the religious text of genesis would be wrong. Scientists need to produce not only in lab results for macro evolution (not micro) but also for how amino acids could form proteins in the primordial soup. These are two things scientists will need to do to get the populous at large to believe in evolution, simply providing circumstantial evidence in the form of fossils is not enough. This will ultimately happen even if the timeline is unknown.

If people stop aging and getting sick, religious beliefs will be the least of our problems.

However, this whole debate is a little misplaced because in the grand scheme of things evolution will be the smallest thing that will affect mainstream religions. If we push the evolution debate to one side and then we push the belief in God to the other side below the surface we will see something else brewing. The things that are happening right now are mind boggling. First, we are on are way to curing cancer by modifying a patient’s own white blood cells. We are even regrowing organs and this is without using fetus stem cells. What used to be science fiction is becoming science fact. We are very well on our way to curing aging and even death by sickness.

Curing aging will fundamentally change society and not just for the religious. Death underlies a lot of successful businesses and dictates a lot of government policy. If people stop aging and getting sick, religious beliefs will be the least of our problems. We will have to deal with social programs, over population, and more. The implications of living a thousand years could mean you could literally do everything there is to do on this world, we have never had this issue before. People may become shut-ins minimizing any exterior physical risk to themselves so that there will never be any risk of dying. A lot of our willingness to take physical risks now is the fact that at some point we are going to die but what if that becomes no longer the case?

When these changes come and bubble to the surface a lot of people who were very sure of their beliefs may begin to question them. The things science is discovering right now will fundamentally change the way we think, act, and feel. Whether this is for the better or for the worse is yet to be seen but either way these changes are happening.


Supernatural Musings

This blog post will be some what out of character for this Blog. My primary objective of this blog has been around the concept of Elolight, or rather the motivational capacity of God or God concept. I believe my belief has some uniqueness to it, however, this concept came from a series of different experiences in my life. The concept of Spirituality is the idea of reaching out to something beyond yourself. Science rejects this for good reason because it is not helpful to science. What spirituality does allow is a modifying of perception and this can lead to creativity and innovation. Below is an experience I had that I would classify as spiritual.

I once came across an ultra unique character named David while involved in religious debates online. David at a very young age hit his head and this damage caused him to have a series of problems and he was inconsistently coherent. He would talk on mic in random different languages. Then as if he became a completely different person he would begin to speak coherently and the things he said shook me to the core.

I began asking around about this particular character, it was difficult since most people shrugged him off as a schitzophrenic. I came across a woman who had various amounts of communication with him. She informed me of the brain damage he had received as a child. She also went on to say, “You may not believe me but on more then one occasion he has almost perfectly predicted future events.”

So I began talking to David, it was challenging at first but I soon figured out to communicate with him. He informed me of his brain damage he received as a child, he was was up front about it, and he told me that when it happened to him an Angel came to him and told him he would be divinely protected. When I asked him what his belief was, he informed me that he adhered to the belief of the Angels; a belief that can only be held that when you were exposed to directly to God and it was impossible to have any form of rejection. When I asked about this life, he informed me that it should be enjoyed because the afterlife is not the vacation, this is.

Most religions deal with an afterlife, almost none talk about a prelife. Our instincts are designed towards survival and because of this we build an afterlife based on this life. We enjoy this life thanks to our ego telling us it is the most amazing thing ever and we envision an afterlife where we are almost identical to ourselves now, living in a world that is very similar to the one we are living in now. So most religiously defined afterlife(s) are actually just a state of life extension derived from our instinctual desire to want to survive.

You are born into this life in a body you can’t escape, an intellectual capacity you did not define, and an environment you did not choose.

There is one philosophical musing that is touched on very rarely and that is the idea that the body is a prison for the soul. Imagine for a moment, as impossible as it seems, you are an entity in a divine realm full of possibilities and variables far beyond anything humans can comprehend. Let’s say in this realm you have a very vaguely related concept of good and evil, what would be a perfect punishment that has almost an infinite amount of possibilities? Organic life. You are born into this life in a body you can’t escape, an intellectual capacity you did not define, and an environment you did not choose. All of these things help to compose, through a series of complex reactions, what will be come to known as your life. This would explain all the unfairness that happens in life, we are all here because of something we did in another realm and in order for our justice to be true we cannot be allowed to remember what that thing was.

As heavy as this is, these ideas regardless of their truthfulness outline the idea of human restriction and something I believe that can be broken out of through the process of Elolight.

Agnosticism is Not Weak Atheism

When I used to be in heavy religious debates I met many different kinds of people. I had Christians who condemned me to hell and Muslims who threatened to cut off my head. However, I also had Christians who gave me unique insights into scripture and Muslims who engaged me on subjects that a lot of Christians wouldn’t even consider. However, before I solidified my current views I had one Muslim say to me, “You’re monotheistic and don’t adhere to any religious traditions. You’re already Muslim, you just don’t realize it yet.” This was absurd on so many levels and now many years later I am witnessing Atheists who are modifying their Dogma to try and brute force Agnostics into their belief system.

The claim is that if you’re agnostic you’re actually just a weak atheist, Atheists are calling it negative Atheism. This is incorrect because a synonym for belief is opinion. To prove my point I am going to use oxford:

Atheism (Oxford Dictionary)
disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.

The logic expressed by Atheists is that if you answer the question of God’s existence as, “I don’t know” you’re lacking a belief. This would be valid except for the fact that “I don’t know” is actually an opinion and therefore a belief. The only time you lack a belief is when you are completely ignorant of something. For instance, you could say a child is Atheist or if a human responded to the God existence question with, “What is God?”  However if their answer is “I don’t know” they have a stance or an opinion and therefore a belief.

Agnosticism which atheists are trying to say is actually weak atheism is the stance of not knowing whether God exists or not. If you believe God Exists, you’re a theist. If you don’t believe in God, you’re the opposite or an a-theist. If you don’t know or are not convicted about the existence of God, you’re agnostic. Unless you are a child, an animal, or potentially live on an island it is almost impossible to not have an opinion on God. The moment you gain an opinion you gain a belief and therefore will either be an Atheist, Theist, or Agnostic.

No one should be brute forced into a group that potentially has extremist adherents.

Why do I bother fighting over word definitions? Atheism is rapidly becoming a religious like group as I stated in my blog post Atheism = Theism and they are starting to utilize pseudo logic in an attempt to grow their numbers. No one should be brute forced into a group that potentially has extremist adherents because the group utilized intellectuals to come up with a pseudo logical explanation to push the weaker or on the fence believers into their own group. If you’re an Agnostic and have Atheists trying to convince you that you are actually an Atheist, reject it outright, it is your choice to not join their group.

Information, Ignorance, and God Abuse

In our lives we all have defining moments that define what we will come to believe and what we will do with our lives. These moments put us into The Flow. These events whether we acknowledge it or not really define us. One of these defining moments for me was at a boxing tournament. The fighters from my club had cleared out and I was sitting on the side of the ring and two younger men were two my left. One was sitting on the ground against a pillar and the other was standing next to him talking. The first said, “Ya, I know what you’re saying man.” The second man continued, “When all the things in the Qur’an happen, everyone will realize we were right.” This did not convert me to Islam but it was shocking to me because of how they said it – with complete faith and conviction.

Growing up in the Christian church I heard full conviction speech often. This played into everyone’s story, “we know we are right and so we have to be right.” However, there was an underlying connotation to it which was, “we know we are right and no one else believes as strongly as us because it is not possible.” Suddenly I understood why there could be religious wars. Faith and conviction was not limited to one religion, these young men spoke with the same conviction and glitter in their eyes that up until that moment I thought was limited to one religion.

Everyone has reasons for what they believe, and everyone thinks that everyone else doesn’t have enough information. Atheists are no exception to this rule, science still has a lot of questions to answer but they utilize faith, conviction, and speak with glitter in their eyes with complete conviction that they have the truth. The universe is microcosmic in nature and there is every possibility that our universe was created in the same process that we are creating virtual universes today. To say our universe being created is an impossibility would also be saying creation by humans is impossible, you can’t pick and choose capability and redefine the rules of physics to justify philosophical arguments. The capability for intelligence and creation was latent in the universe before we ever came into existence regardless of the process (evolution or otherwise).

So whether it is the belief or disbelief of God, God is still fundamentally playing the same psychological role as a motivator.

It interesting to note that both Atheists and Theists abuse the God concept in order to get adherents. Theists will say that believing in God will provide you with happiness and ever lasting life. Atheists on the other hand will say that not believing in God will stop all wars and usher in a new age of prosperity that the world has ever known. They both utilize God in some way to express a possible fantasy. This comes back to my idea of Elolight where God represents a powerful motivational entity. So whether it is the belief or disbelief of God, God is still fundamentally playing the same psychological role as that of a motivator. This also plays into the idea that we are striving to be like God and it doesn’t matter if you do or don’t believe, the God concept is still moving you towards an ultimate epitome of humanity.

Where Atheists are most likely right is in the idea of God personality projection. Before Judaism, paganism was very common. All Gods had identifiable human like traits. Judaism came along and said that God doesn’t have human traits and for the most part can’t be understood in any precise manner. Sure enough humans then got another God character they could relate to in the name of Jesus. Jesus was human, so he could be understood easily and that was something which Judaism did not provide. Despite scripture completely contradicting the traditional christian myth (Luke 10:25-28) many modern day main stream Christianities continue to promote that one must accept and believe Jesus is God in order to obtain eternal life and this idea was in debate up until The First Council of Nicaea.

Atheism = Theism

Neil DeGrasse Tyson has an interesting quote which goes as follows:

It’s odd that word ‘atheist’ even exists. I don’t play golf, is there a word for non-golf players? Do they gather and strategize? I can’t do that. I can’t gather around around and talk about how much everybody in the room doesn’t believe in God.

If you’re new to my blog, essentially, my belief system revolves around accepting the power of certain concepts (such as God) and their ability to motivate and change as opposed to believing in actual physical entities which may or may not exist. This puts me in a particular limbo area where I can objectively understand and sympathize with both atheists and theists but I don’t exclusively believe either are right. However, the more I encounter adherents from both sides I have discovered that both atheists and theists believe and do the following:

  • Believe that they have the ‘real’ truth
  • Believe in some form of morality
  • Gather in groups and talk about opinions
  • Have books they revere
  • On average mate with people with similar opinions
  • Cannot with 100% certainty validate the existence of God with facts
  • Believe in tradition; atheists with Scientific method and Theists with religion
  • Have Charities
  • Take donations
  • Influence Government policy making

The reason atheism exists is because it represents a new social organization. It is not simply an opinion, but a religious like group. The fact that this grouping is occurring ultimately leads to the grim conclusion that just like religion different forms of atheism could emerge and these groups could ultimately engage in some form of war. Just like early Christianity these groups are fractured. Most atheists will contend that the only reason wars happen is because of religion, but this is a gross error, wars happen because humans are imperfect and if you analyze most wars they are done over real-estate and resources; religion is used as a powerful catalyst to get humans to go to war but the underlying selfish desires that lead to war remain the same regardless of the name of a particular God or in the future, lack of God name.

Atheism as an organization is spending all of its time trying to prove a negative which is a logical impossibility.

Atheists will also contend that their belief is based on logic and rationality but there is a massive irony to this. In a conversation with Ayn Rand (a well known atheist) she herself proclaims that, “you are never called upon to prove a negative.” If a theist confronts an atheist with the statement, “prove God doesn’t exist” the atheist, if they know their retorts, will come back with the line “you cannot prove a negative.” They may then go on to say something like prove that a unicorn doesn’t exist. The massive irony is that atheism as an organization is spending all of its time trying to prove a negative which is a logical impossibility. They have whole books, such as Dawkin’s God delusion, which offer up absurd philosophical arguments trying to validate the non-existence of God. This allows them as an organisation to spend an unlimited amount of time trying to come up with arguments why God doesn’t exist and gives strength to their social group through their superfluous conversation which is all built on top of trying to do the logically impossible. It is time we stop fighting over the philosophical and look towards what we want to accomplish a human race and not the religious opinions we should hold.

Alan Lightman, a physcist,  has this to say on religion, war, science, and death:

Certainly, human beings, in the name of religion, have sometimes caused great suffering and death to other human beings. But so has science, in the many weapons of destruction created by physicists, biologists and chemists, especially in the 20th century. Both science and religion can be employed for good and for ill. It is how they are used by human beings, by us, that matters. Human begins have sometimes been driven by religious passion to build schools and hospitals, to create poetry and music and sweeping temples, just as human beings have employed science to cure disease, to improve agriculture, to increase material comfort and the speed of communication.

So while even if atheism is the future, it will ultimately lead to more of the same. I once had an atheist say to me, “If everyone was atheist there would be world peace.” to the atheists confusion I started laughing and I replied, “I have heard a similar quote before and it was from a Jehovah’s witness at my front door.” If everyone could share a similar opinion, regardless of what it was, there would be world peace.

Believe in Me

In my blog on Opinion Confirmation I talked about how our opinions move us and how our opinions can often be wrong, but when a radical new opinion emerges how does it get confirmed and spread through an entire population? New ideas emerge all the time but for a new idea to take hold it takes a group of brave strong willed individuals believing in the ideas to make them a reality. While it might take a certain amount of courage or maybe insanity to be the first to express radical ideas those ideas will go no where without believers.

Anthropology has shown that the tipping point for ideas is 10% of a population. When 10% of a population believes in an opinion the opinion will begin to spread like wild fire and the rest of population will begin to believe. This mean that if 10% of the world came to believe that we must work together to accelerate the human race to the next level of conciousness, something I have labelled as Elolight, it could spread to the entire population at large. Things like world peace are not impossible if we realize that world peace is only one step to where we need to go.

I would like to believe that my ideas on spiritual and technological ascension, neo humanism, and God creation could stand on their own but I know this is impossible. My ideas are only as valid as the people that believe in them. While I can’t guarantee believing in me will lead to some form of after life, I can guarantee that we as a race will live and can get to a point where we build something so amazing that it makes gold roads and clouds look simple and boring.