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When the big bang theory first emerged there was a lot of push back; the idea that the entire universe came from a single point seemed to elude to the concept of creation. Absolutely everything coming from a single point, that is absurd! As time passed the idea that this could be proof of a creator slowly vanished. Instead, the mere fact that we were smart enough to figure out a mechanic became a substitute for purpose.

Scientists quickly ran into problems with the theory and needed to come up with an explanation for things like the horizon problem which is why they invented inflation; a mathematical equation to justify the entire out come of the universe.

There is a fundamental problem with this and that is even if you can formulate an equation that has a proper result, it doesn’t actually mean the equation or numbers are correct. With algebra one of the first things you learn is that you can’t solve an equation with two unknowns such as X+Y=2. The result doesn’t change but X and Y can literally be anything.

As science figures out more and more they are constantly running into X+Y=2. This is why theories like the universe is a hologram are starting to emerge. This is a declaration that we are starting to hit a wall. Some will broadly prescribe a the gap God theory without starting to acknowledge some fundamental issues that are starting to emerge that are not only theoretical but also most probably improvable and without proof science is as accurate as religion.

Who will pick up the pieces as more people start to discover the difference between mechanics and purpose? The worst case scenario is religion because this would just make everything worse for everyone. We must instead focus on each other because it will only be with true collective intelligence that we can move past our limits.


The Plight

Everything complex begins as simple and crude. Advancement comes at the price of its predecessors. However, advancement can take place only within the confines of chaos and with a catalyst of some sort. In the case of humans the catalyst is scarcity which is the scarcity of resources and time.

This plight which is the catalyst for evolution is also the catalyst for destruction. In order to evolve further humans must gain new catalysts and depreciate current ones. The process of conversion from the new to old cannot be instantaneous, it must be progressive.

While all primitive instincts must be phased out eventually to ascend, they cannot be phased out without an alternative and in some cases may require biological modification and/or evolution. For instance if procreation was turned to mechanical means, humans would still have the primitive instinct to copulate. Also sex is a mechanism for justifying chaos. While absolute peace may be far superior to any form of euphoria, we are incapable of experiencing complete peace short of absolute and completed Ascension. So pleasure must remain with us until the final pleasure is Ascension.

All happiness is a justification of chaos. In the absence of chaos, happiness does not exist, there is only peace. Every happy moment is an indication of temporary subjective ordering of life and chaos. Absolute happiness is the absolution of emotion. Since this objective is far off, the pursuit of purified happiness and peace are the most straight forward method to Ascension.

  1. Chaos Exists
  2. Happiness is the ordering of chaos
  3. Less Chaos equals more happiness
  4. No Chaos equals peace, but no happiness
  5. No emotion equals Ascension

When I reference Chaos, I am not only referring to external circumstance, but internal circumstance as well. A person’s life may be completely ordered on the outside but due to emotion they may be chaotic on the inside. Emotion is a mechanism of ordering internal chaos. While we should strive to order the external, without internal management, no amount of external order will affect one’s inside state. The Flow is actually a form of temporary external chaos that results in an internal ordering for better or for worse. It is almost always an external event that push us to change, however, in very rare instances one can have an internal event that makes them see their current life in a different state.

Let me give an example, someone I knew hated their job but they still went every day. Every day they did the exact same thing and became emotionally bored. While his life was externally ordered, inside he was chaos. He was constantly wrestling with what he should do with his life. He eventually quit and moved on to a he job he found more fulfilling. There was not a major shift of order from one job to the next, but what did change was the order inside of him. If I believed complete external order would lead to happiness, I would not believe in the flow. The flow is sometimes temporary or longer lasting moments of external chaos that lead to potentially more happiness. If emotion did not exist, he would of never got bored, and therefore would of potentially been happy /content with the work he was originally doing. Emotion exists in order to consolidate and order our internal state.

More then 1 or 0 and The Big Bang

When engaged in conversations with people I will often hear justifying statements that work through polarization. One of the most popular ones comes from religious Christians with the line, “If part of the bible is wrong then whole thing is wrong.” People will often make the simple observation that things have opposites and therefore they jump to the conclusion that the whole world works that way. It is a very simple way of thinking and in the majority of cases it does not apply.

When defining the world we have a whole range of adjectives that reflect the gradient nature of life like good, amazing, best, horrible, average, awful, and worst are all examples of words we use to define things. The simple act of telling someone how a movie was usually involves some form of non-binary grade. Yet still people persist to point out opposites like they occur often but when you put things into perspective, opposites happen the least. So why the persistence? Binary thinking is a great way to make rapid choices. When survival depends on an instant, you have to choose left or right.  As our society has evolved binary thinking is not only becoming less useful, it is also becoming dangerous.

The world doesn’t function in binary even though we would like it to.

Let’s take for instance the Big Bang. When we look out into our universe we see that everything is moving away from a singular point and so it only makes sense that the entire universe came from that point, correct? However there is one major problem with this theory and that is that it is based on a limited observation. Hundreds of years ago we looked around ourselves and said, “Everything is flat and therefore the planet must be flat.” We’re now doing the exact same thing with space. This comes back to binary thinking; making assumptions and assertions based on our immediate simple observations.

The world doesn’t function in binary even though we would like it to. Let’s face it if everything was either 1 or 0 the world would make more sense. The reality is though that the options aren’t only good or evil, black or white, day or night, and everything or nothing.

The Most Popular Girl


I once met two girls who were very close friends. The one was a brunette russian who spoke four different languages and the other was a blonde who came from Canada. The brunette believed that taking chances was important and believed in nature and spirituality. The other didn’t really appear to believe in anything.

I met the two ladies out of an act of Spontaneity, a friend requesting they come with us in the excitement of the night. However, the flow has an interesting way of pulling people to the surface. Up to this point the blonde had always visited the same bar, and did the same things. When suddenly she was pulled out of it for a brief moment and it forced her to put her entire life into perspective.

The blonde informed me that at one point she used to be he most popular girl at largest high school in Quebec, and now she informed me she was doing nothing with her life. When I asked her what she wanted, she told me to go home and sleep. I then re-asked the question of what she really wanted in life and everything. She went on to tell me that she wanted to stop feeling sorry for herself and do all the things she knew she could. Unfortunately a conversation as heavy as that would quickly end the joy of anyone’s night, and she left shortly after.

Every moment we can either consider the second we lost or the second we are about to gain.

The most popular girl turned void is not a new or even unique story. However, it is a tragedy. Despite the quality of one’s character, being in a void of regret, self loathing, and what could be is very sad. This has much larger and broader applications. As a race we tend to get caught up in our previous success or happiness. We call it nostalgia and it can bring everything to a screeching halt. While this is not true of everyone, some people will get caught up in a desire to get something back which they used to have and instead of doing new things it is almost as if they sit and wait for them to re-emerge. Life can either be about loss or gain, every moment we can either consider the second we lost or the second we are about to gain. While subtle, the later opens your life up to many more opportunities.

The Architect and The Cult

It was later in the evening, and I was in Santa Monica. In Santa Monica there is a street that is closed off so that tourists etc.. can roam. On each side there was the standard fare stores but what made this street particularly interesting is that spaced, almost evenly, down the street were street preachers from different religions. There was a Jew, a Protestant Christian, and a Muslim. I was listening to one of them speak as I ate a hot dog. As soon as I heard the preacher turn to the common rhetoric of damnation I turned to start walking back towards my hotel.

I have to say that I was completely aware of how bad of an idea this was.

A shorter woman came up to me, dressed in some what casual clothing, and handed me a card. The card had all kinds of questions on it like why do bad bad things happen to good people? and is there a God? after briefing over them she looked at me and said which of these questions interest you? I replied, “all of them.” Though what I meant was interest in them as a means of inquiry, but not in the answers. As I started engaging her, she asked me if I would come with her to talk in a building nearby.

I have to say that I was completely aware of how bad of an idea this was but being in my early 20s, and also sensing no malicious intent from her, I said yes. She lead me to a building and we went inside. We took an elevator up several floors and emerged in what felt like a very small winding hallway and she lead me to a small room. At this point I was some what more nervous but it felt as if my actions were like a train wreck and I couldn’t stop myself. The small office had several different rooms and was well up kept.

She told me they had a video set, and I needed to watch the first which was 5 or so minutes and then they would discuss it. So against my better judgement, I watched it. The essence of the video was that they were trying to teach a modified Christianity that was reconciled with other religions. Some of the core philosophical beliefs they were teaching, regarding good and evil, I unequivocally disagreed with.

People want to believe in something and if what they want to believe in doesn’t exist, they can create it.

I talked with the young lady after and she informed that they needed to talk because everyone has different perceptions of reality but she was fully convicted in this new belief herself, I could tell. I asked her what she did or went to school for and she told me she was a biochemist but was now doing this for a living. When she saw that I was not turning over she told me that if I would watch all the other videos, I would get a better understanding. I thanked her and told her I needed to get up early and I left as quickly as possible.

People want to believe in something and if what they want to believe in doesn’t exist, they can create it. Creating a new belief is not necessarily a bad thing if it inspires people into The Flow. However, we need to be careful of beliefs that are just modified versions of things that already exist in order to get unification of things that were never designed to be unified. Religions are incompatible with each other despite what some idealists might believe or say.

Perception Convergence

In an interesting article on CNN today, perception was discussed and how easily it can be modified by context. In a much earlier post I pondered perception and gave an example of perception modification that was brought on by physical strain. Imagination and perception can be great and wonderful things, most of the time but it can also lead to reverse motion destructive conflict. As Architects we don’t necessarily want to stop conflict, because conflict can put people into The Flow, which when resolved can lead to evolution and progression. We do however want to limit destructive conflicts that can reverse work that has already been done.

Our alternate perceptions emerged as an extension of our need to survive and as a bi-product of our evolution. The way we perceive the world might be completely different then the way our ancestors saw the world but it is really impossible to know. Our only hope is that through technology we can start to bridge the gap in a meaningful way and create mechanisms to start gaining psychic integration with one another. This is not to say we should eliminate alternate perceptions as a means to form a singularity, Elolight is not a singularity, instead we must create the technology so that we can gain insight into another’s perception of reality.

We must create the technology so that we can gain insight into another’s perception of reality.

A goal of Elolight will always be to help converge human perception. We already have certain characteristics that make this some what possible such as empathy but the fact that we cannot literally see through another persons eyes, both literally and metaphorically (feeling what they feel), creates great hurdles for Elolight attainment. No where can this be witnessed more then in a debate of a convicted Christian versus a convicted Muslim. They will both argue aggressively and both, whether they admit it to themselves or not, truly believes that if the other person knew the way they felt or knew what they knew, their opponent would change their minds. The reality is that both actually feel the same in both conviction and intensity but their lack of perceptional insight makes it impossible for them to realize this. As Architects we can try to shift their perceptions but it may be completely useless and the only thing we can really do in the above case is to prevent destructive conflict (stop them from killing each other).

Being Wrong

In an amazing talk by Kathryn Schulz she talks about the value of accepting when we are wrong and she gives this very memorable quote, “The feeling of actually being wrong feels like being right.” The idea is that when we are actually in the process of doing something that is incorrect it doesn’t have any bad feelings associated with it.

As we move forward we will be wrong more often then we are right but this poses a substantial difficulty to us as a race. Our egos always tell us everything we are doing is right, so simply put we are always our biggest fans even when we are being self-destructive. It is psychologically impossible for someone to be wrong until they admit to themselves they are wrong. It doesn’t matter if everyone else thinks they are wrong, the person won’t think they are wrong until they admit it to themselves. We all believe that we have the right religion, are doing the best for society, and are making the right choices but in reality this is rarely the case.

“The quality of your life does not determine truth, it only proves good circumstance.”

How can we figure out if we are making the right choices? Objective realistic reflection. True reflection can only be done by communication with others who disagree with you and it is only through this conflict that truth can be discovered. It is far to easy to surround oneself with copies of yourself, people who are your fans, but this is a recipe for disaster in the long run. A common thing people will say to themselves to justify their religion for instance is, “Well my life is so good it must be because I follow God <insert name here>.” However this doesn’t make any sense because people in all religions have good lives and, further, some people that humans consider evil could have what most consider to be a “good” life. The quality of your life does not determine truth, it only proves good circumstance.

I know I am right about this………but I could be wrong.