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The above was taken during the Lo Krathong on Yi Peng (Full Moon Day). It is a festival where wishes are made and lanterns are floated in the sky. It is a very awe inspiring experience that feels magical.

We can garner a lot of insight on certain topics by the metaphors we voluntarily choose to use. Light is associated with good and darkness is associated with evil. If we simplify, evil could be associated with absence and good could be associated with presence. If we strive to create more presence, we are doing good and if our actions are creating absence, we are doing evil. To save a life creates presence and to murder creates absence. In these two examples we are talking about a literal physical presence.

Sometimes in life we are confronted with difficult moral and ethical situations. If the issue is complex we will have internal conflict regarding selfishness vs selflessness. In our world filled with technology and shifting cultural/social norms figuring out what is right vs wrong is sometimes not as easy as we would like it to be. The answer is we should try to be as present as possible in not only our lives but the lives of other; walk a mile in their shoes so to speak.

To look at the stars is awe inspiring. To look at the stars and feel present in the universe, realizing that the atoms that make you up are as old as the universe and will persist even after your current form, can be profound. Being truly present can be very difficult but also very rewarding.


The Perfect Feeling

We are all obsessed with our feelings whether we acknowledge it or not. When evil acts happen around us we feel horrible and we are left asking ourselves why? The reality is a trait both good and evil share is they are both highly addictive. Most of us generally walk down the path of light because goodness corresponds directly to human survival. However, on both paths their is the hope of revelation. We are constantly hunting down the revelation of how the universe functions and by this I mean we seek to understand if the world is either good or evil. Many humans who witness injustice will feel deeply disturbed and try to right the wrong because the universe functioning the way they need is critical to their psyche.

The concepts we know as good and evil are nothing more then masks for our selfish desires and a veil to the prison we are in.

How can evil truly exist if every evil act we classify as evil can lead to positives? Shootings can draw communities together  and even make presidential candidates stop fighting and reflect. If evil is simply acts that would vanish with our demise then evil is not a persistent force. The reality is that the true evil of the universe, the invisible force that permeates all existence, is the fight. The concepts we know as good and evil are nothing more then masks for our selfish desires and a veil to the prison we are in.

We all feel there is something wrong with the universe and even someone who feels they have discovered the truth through religion longs to leave this universe. This idea has been with us since Plato and The Allegory of the Cave. All pleasure and pain is ultimately short lived but the war in our universe will continue until we choose to stop.

We all desire to gain more of certain feelings such as happiness, peace, or power. All of these feelings are fleeting because they are merely reactions to an imperfect world. We are designed to pursue these feelings because they satisfy the biological. Even meditation, the “hallmark” of spirituality, is merely a feeling to suppress the negative feeling of noise and chaos. So what is the perfect feeling?

The perfect feeling is not a sensation like we traditionally know it, it can be seen as post-peace. It’s an existence in a self perpetuating presence that is void of chaos and corruption. If one gains the feeling in this reality it is momentary at best. If one feels the perfect feeling, the moment they leave it, it will change to something else because the feeling can’t be felt or understood within the confines of our chaotic subjective existence. It can’t be compared to other feelings because it is only a feeling because there is no other close word for it. This 4th dimensional feeling can only be felt from within itself and this is what we are striving for with ascension.

Evil is Not Senseless (Evil Part 2)

Whenever something evil happens one of the first things people try to do is devalue it. The most popular of phrases is that particular events were “senseless” or had no meaning. All around the world bad things happen to people and the events are disregarded. Evil not only has a purpose but devaluing it is very dangerous. In the same way a rape victim may become promiscuous in an attempt to devalue sex to make the event that occurred to them “meaningless”, humans could be pushed into doing evil things in an attempt to devalue things that have profound implications.

By disregarding evil events as meaningless we stop asking the most important question of why?

If you touch a hot stove you will burn yourself, you didn’t want to burn yourself, and no one around you really wanted you to burn yourself but it still happened and it needed to happen so that you will know not to do it again. In the same way, every single horrible event that goes on in the world is an indicator that we are not heading in the right direction as a race. The victims would not want to believe such a thing, that evil has meaning, because it is easier to run then to confront the issue. By disregarding evil events as meaningless we stop asking the most important question of why? Sure we ask it, but it is almost as if we want it to be more rhetorical then real. Then we hop around to the closest targets, video games, movies etc.. the simplest things that can easily take the blame instead of having to ask ourselves the driving darker questions such as, “what would drive me to do something as evil as XYZ?”

When we are comfortable it is easy to disregard evil acts as anomalous and say to ourselves that we are incapable of ever committing evil acts. However, very good people can do very bad things if they are desperate, lonely, or severely damaged. In order to truly move to the next stage of humanity we really have to ask ourselves the hard questions and stop disregarding evil as something that is as random as a stormy day.

Evil (part 1)

When the world decided that the first world war was the fault of Germany the Treaty of Versailles bankrupted an entire nation. It created a toxic environment that allowed an Adolf Hitler to rise to power. He would go on to do some of the most evil and atrocious acts our world has known. Today many people would say if they had the chance, they would kill Hitler, but Hitler’s skewed morality and his rise to power was through the mechanism of heroism to his own people, heroism against conditions created by the rest of the world. If it wasn’t Hitler it would of been someone else. When you create situations of desperation, you create evil.

Snakes, Demons, Satan, and black. Evil, we would all know it when we see it right? The reality is what most of us think evil looks like is how we would like it to look like because if it is ugly, it is easy to identify. More often then not evil can start beautiful and it doesn’t get ugly until right at the end. For those who wish for the world to be black and white, it gets even more complex. What if a murder leads to an entire community being re-connected and love being discovered where it would of never have been discovered before? Alas, good outcomes brought on by horrible ones make for our most favorite stories. We absolutely love heroes but heros are a consequence of evil, not good. For the majority of the population, the understanding of evil is primitive and most of us will let it run rampant without even knowing it and then we act surprised when nations go to war.

When you create situations of desperation, you create evil.

To understand evil, we must first understand what drives all evil and that is want. There are no exceptions, all evil derives from want. However all of our personal actions also derive from want, even if it is a want to make the world better. So does this mean we are all inherently evil? No, it means we are all capable of it. When someone puts them self in front of all others and when they do actions of want without regards to consequences, you have evil. All the mythical entities or invisible forces are simply an exaggeration or an explanation of the aforementioned concept. It is absolutely necessary that we start labeling things correctly and not expect evil to be labelled for us in a completely obvious way; because not only does that not happen, it is incredibly dangerous and it stops human progression on every front. Assuming that the difference between good and evil is simply one set of rules is a surefire way we will never eliminate evil.

The most evil thing of all is that fact that evil has evolved, and we are still talking about it in black and white terms and looking for the demons around the corner that have horns on their head. The real demon around the corner is a politician getting money from a lobbyist to get a law passed which would allow for sub-par belt straps to be used in cars, but it will be promoted as a cost savings bill for the consumer. The politician dresses in a nice suit and everyone loves him.