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The Light in Tragedy

When tragedies happen it easy to get lost in despair. If humans were truly made of chaos, we would naturally accept it as the way of the universe. We, however, are not made of chaos and this is present in how we feel when a tragedy happens. Ultimately, deeply rooted, we are all architects of order.

Spirituality, Grace, & Travelling

I have started travelling the world. The above picture was taken while I was in Scotland. It is an odd thing to be blessed, odder still to be given such an opportunity.

Even though I have just started the experiences I am having are giving me an insight that I don’t think I would of arrived at if I had chosen security over The Flow. My decision to want to travel I knew was a requirement in my life if I wished to practice what I preached.

The biggest insight I had was that the most powerful force in the world is not necessarily love, but grace. Love is simply a product of grace. Grace can be conducted as a choice in the presence of all emotion including anger and hate. You can absolutely hate someone but choose to treat them with grace. Everything in the world could go wrong in your life and the universe could owe you an infinite debt and you can still choose to make the debt even larger with selflessness.

I am slowly also starting to understand the reality mask which is the state most of us live our lives in. There will be moments in our lives where we feel like we are connected with the universe and then we slip on the proverbial life banana which crashes us back into reality and makes us question our previous experiences.

The objective for us all should be to leave the reality mask which does nothing but force us to live a life of bedlam. To feel connected is far superior than feeling isolated and common.

Your Days Left

CalendarAs humans we tend to not face reality until it is right on top of us. We have all heard things like “live every day like it is your last” but when it comes down to it the majority of people ignore these statements. There is a good reason for this because no one actually wants to live like every day is their last; everyone wants to live forever.

However, Understanding our time on this planet will affect the decisions we make in life. To this end I have created something for us all to visualize our time in a more compelling way and it is called http://www.yourdaysleft.com. This free simple web app will allow you to see in a glance how much time you have left relative to today.

I knew while building it that I might find it shocking and I proved myself correct. Even if you are highly optimistic and set your expected life expectancy to a high number, you will still come to realize how little time we all actually have on this planet.

Free Will and Control

One of the most damaging concepts to human Elolight is the idea of free will. When we are presented with a choice, and have a list of ways we can choose to react, we believe we have some kind of greater power over destiny and life then we actually we have. We did not choose the body, brain, parents, location, or situations that went into making a choice, but the moment we make a choice we suddenly believe we had some external power over the choice we made. Humans will often say things like, “I should of” or “I could of” but these statements are always invalid because what you did is what you would of always done given the same set of variables. These retroactive statements don’t give you any power over the choices you have already made, unless you suddenly gain the power to time travel.

Imagine for a moment we are watching a lion pack from space, based on weather, food, and other variables we can figure out to a decent degree of success what the lions will do tomorrow. The lion however has no idea exactly what it is going to do tomorrow, it only thinks it knows. The only difference with us is we are not aware of all the variables that go into making decisions, but regardless of if we know what they are or not, you had no choice picking them. The idea of free will exists so that we react, and also to let us believe we have control. We are moving towards Elolight whether we like it or not, no amount of religious texts, atheist texts, or any other belief short of complete human destruction will stop us from progressing towards Elolight, the only question is if we will get there.

Why It is Dangerous
Religions use the expression of free will to gain followers for better or worse. A person sitting in a church pew will be told it is their “choice” to convert to a religion, however, they had no power over sitting in their chair, and in order to feel like they have power they will convert to the religion and believe they are doing the right thing for both themselves and humanity. The paradox is that religion has no problem expressing the idea of fate when it comes to miracles and good things. However the moment a religious person is faced with a bad circumstance they begin to pray for things to change.

People are only interested in believing they have no control if the world is acting in their favor. The biggest danger is that when humans come to believe the universe is controllable in a way dictated by free will, their consciousness binds on to this concept and if they are presented with the fact that they are not in control, and can actually accept it, they could have a psychological breakdown.

Don’t Stop Reacting
Life is beautiful, and the biggest beauty is in the experience. There is also a beauty in ignorance, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, and that is not a bad thing; That in itself is worth living for.


I am a sucker for motivational videos. The best motivational videos will leave you feeling full of energy and ready to take on the entire world, at least for a couple minutes. I lead an interesting life full of color and the people I often interact with are also exceptional. However, there is a dirty secret I am aware of that no one seems to talk about when it comes to motivation and no it is not “the secret.”

The dirty secret is that people who are exceptional or who everyone wants to be like don’t watch motivation videos or even read motivational books, most of them are genetically predisposed to success. Many successful people will look at others and say, “well if I can do it, so can you!” Such a statement while interesting is like a squirrel telling a fish how to a climb a tree. The world is a complex place with complex choices and success is often contextual to a person’s genetics and environment.

People often make the mistake that effort equal success and this is a very big lie. You can dig a lot of holes and hope to get lucky or you can follow a map. The map however is not necessarily an order of things you must do, the map is contextual to your life. Do not believe you are not capable of success because you cannot get up at 5 am every morning, some of the largest successes came from people not wanting to fit in or do what everyone else does to be “successful.”

Desperate Tactics

smoking-acneI recently had a phone call with someone over something business related and in the course of the call the person I was speaking with attempted to utilize multiple manipulation tactics to achieve their goal. This person didn’t have leverage on me but felt that only I could get what they desired. I have had similar experiences in the past but what made this one particularly interesting was that the following night of the call I had a dream that put desperate tactics into clarity.

In this dream I had taken up temporarily smoking (I don’t smoke) and I was in a movie theater. On me I had an almost finished cigarette that for some reason I was holding on to. Sitting in the row in front of me was a woman who upon looking at me and seeing the cigarette made it her sole mission to get me thrown out of theater. She left to look for management and when she did I discarded the cigarette and moved to the other side of the theater thinking that maybe I simply smelled like smoke and this woman would be satisfied with my move, she was not.

After being pulled from the theater I then began the task of trying to convince management that I didn’t actually smoke in the theater. However, it was the mission of the theater management not to believe me. I tried everything from begging to aggression, none of which worked. The entire time the thought that kept passing through my head was, “why did I ever start smoking in the first place?”

The utilization of desperate tactics is a method of trying to get something you currently don’t have, this much is obvious. However, desperation does not necessarily cause people to use desperate tactics. The use of desperate tactics is often the result of desperation and a personal mistake. When we put ourselves into desperation because of choices we make as opposed to the choices the universe makes for us we will be more likely to do things that are evil or underhanded. Why do we do this? Maybe we believe since we made the choices to get into the mess we are in that we can make choices via bad tactics to get out, unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

If you find yourself starting to utilize desperate tactics to get something you want, the next question should not be ‘what tactic you should I employ next’? but instead ‘what can I change in my life to avoid situations like this in the future’?

Radical Change (Aging)

OldYoungGetty_450x300Jenny stood at the back door looking outside as it was raining, “Samuel, can we go out today? it’s been almost a year.” Samuel, who was fiddling with a widget nearby looked over at her, “Perhaps, what is our probability?” Jenny sighed a little and walked over to a nearby screen and began to talk to it in a frustrated tone, “What is our probability for today?” The screen threw up a number that said 0.0023% and then in a natural human voice proceeded to say, “The probability for today is 0.0023%, this exceptionally high probability is caused today by heavy rain.” Samuel looked back down at the widget he was fiddling with and said calmly, “not today honey, maybe tomorrow.” Probability was the chance that they could die. Several years after aging had been cured there was a paradigm shift in the majority of humanity where humans became obsessed with not dying and this lead to the emergence of probability; a real-time tracking of all human deaths with the reasons associated with them.

In previous posts I have talked about the idea of naturalization and how even when things can be radically different then in the past, we will feel as if everything is normal. If a time traveler could come from the past to the present they might believe themselves to be in some fantasy land where humans can fly or talk to each other across the globe instantly. When change happens often times it creeps up on us. This can be dangerous because we might slowly become accustomed to things we never actually wanted. This is why it is critical that we plan for radical change now.

“When we talk about the cure for aging we like to think about it in magical terms.”

Humans are living longer and longer and we are even regrowing organs. The cure for aging is becoming a reality and the problem is we don’t really consider it in practical terms. When human like life forms in fantasy live for long periods of time they pretty much live similar lives to us just over longer period. However, longer lives might not necessarily just be life as usual but longer. Here are some important ideas that should be considered when it comes to the cure for aging.

Philosophical Stagnation
One of the major advantages of death is that radical idealists can be cleared out making way for more progressive younger individuals. If we cure aging these radicals could be persistent. All humans are designed in such a way that once we get an idea established for ourselves, we hold on to it as tightly as possible. While it is true that many people can become flexible, dogmatic thinking exists in every branch of human thinking and not just religion. Dogma is coming up with arguments to justify every possible stance to the support of the individual. This is a real problem because without death dogma will only get stronger, not weaker.

Hey remember when you lived in the arctic for 10 years, 500 years ago? No, no I don’t. We have always assumed our brains are capable of so much, but our brains weren’t actually designed (as far as we know) for lives longer then 100 years. Outside of mental illnesses, think about how much we forget right now. Technology will play a critical role in storing and retrieving our life memories. The other option is that we figure out how to give everyone an improved memory through Hyperthymesia.

Till death do us part takes on a completely different meaning when you can’t actually die by aging. There is some what of an accelerated need by humans of all types to get into relationships in order to reproduce whether they are aware of it or not. People will settle because of their limited timeline. It is impossible to predict how exactly relationships will change but I am quite confident they will.

Generational wealth and power can become even a more serious problem then it is now. Without death you could have families, corporations, or groups of people hold on to significant amounts of power indefinitely.

This is just a few of the things we will have to worry about on top of the more obvious ones like over population, insurance, and retirement implications. When we talk about the cure for aging we like to think about it in magical terms. The problem is once we actually have it, it will stop being magical and we will have a ton of issues that will have to be solved.