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Spiritual Life Cycle

A defining moment in my life was when I saw someone talking with a gleam in their eye about a belief they had in a religion that I was not previously exposed to. The gleam of certainty in their eye made me realize that this was something greater and was part of human essence. Originally I thought that this was only the product of religion but now I realize that there can potentially be unlimited catalysts for it.

The cycle seems to be consistent regardless of medium. First, the ego is abolished and this is when a person goes through their first phase of having absolute truth. The actual physical truth isn’t necessarily important. This truth can be that Jesus is the truth, Islam is the truth, or an expression of a characteristic of God. What is important here is that the person feels an absolute, this is the real truth, the God like sensation of perfect justification. For the person the factual doesn’t really matter because the God like characteristic of justification that fills them overrides logic.

The initial expression of the temporary removal of ego will be the loss of self awareness. This will result in the person acting in ways that if they had their ego and knew the perception of others, they would immediately stop. This will usually result in the estrangement of friends and sometimes family. I remember hearing new Christians talk about how they lost friends after their conversion. I realize now that these losses are not the product of enlightenment but the product of selfishness because enlightenment doesn’t bring loss.

The removal of ego is ultimately temporary because it is an essential part of humanity but when the ego re-emerges it will find itself in a different position. How does selfishness reconcile with the absolute? The compromise is validation. Validation is what the individual will attempt to do when their ego resurfaces. A religious person might attempt conversion of others or a spiritualist will promote meditation or drugs. The mechanism is of little importance but what is important is that the person feels that they can justify the absolute they feel but having others feel it.

The problem is that they don’t have the absolute physical truth instead they have an absolute feeling. There real truth is in the feeling but their physical representation of it is incorrect. Not all religions will work for everyone and not all drug usage will result in spiritual awakening. This is by design. If we could have an absolute physical truth then transcendence would be impossible. There must be a conflict in physical spiritual truths in order for humanity to continually question and push boundaries.

The question is what is past the validation phase? I think for many there is not much. They will invest their entire lives trying to push their particular brand of spirituality on whoever will accept it. Even I have my own spiritual truth which I promote to justify my absolute feeling. Outside of these selfish desires for validation I do believe there is something more.

What is next is an internal maturing or an expression that happens within oneself that no one will ever see or hear about but instead they will experience it through invention and prosperity. When talking about God the most common adjective used today is love. I think this is an invalid characterization or a very basic human representation of perfect grace. Humans are not capable of perfect grace because no single human has everything. Since we cannot know perfect grace, we resort to the closest thing we know which is love. Love ultimately is a human trait that requires hate to exist. Grace transcends and encompasses love. Invention and prosperity is a means by which a person can act as a medium of grace and facilitate transcendence for the entirety of humanity.

Important Definitions

Spiritual/Physical Truth: Physical truth and spiritual truth needs to be distinguished here. I am by no means saying that physical truth can be rejected by how you feel. I am not endorsing rejecting physical facts to justify oneself. This kind of thinking would ultimately lead to corruption. For Example, physics is a physical truth and God being love is a spiritual truth.

Physical Spiritual Truth: This is something that someone believes in to justify their existence and how they feel about the universe. Physical/mental feelings such as love or religious “truths” I would put under the category of physical spiritual truth.






Convincing Ourselves

One of the biggest revelations I have ever had in life was that I was capable of being wrong. Not only can I be wrong, I can even be wrong about things I am sure about. Many of us might say that we could recognize when we are wrong or change our minds if we are proven wrong, but the reality is, most of us can’t.

In most cases we define our universe almost entirely by our personal experiences and this is highly dangerous. A series of unfortunate events can lead to you becoming bigoted. If we are slighted by a member of a minority, for instance, on more then one occasion we might shape our entire universe in a different way based on these experiences.

We are vicious about defending our experiences and the opinions we generate from them. We are so aggressive about it, that we will often surround ourselves in people that agree with us just so that we can believe we are right. It’s much easier, and satisfying, to surround ourselves with people that agree with us. We would rather ramble on for hours on end in agreement, not accomplishing anything, then to create purposeful friction which benefits not only ourselves but the entire race as a whole. The examples of this behavior are plentiful; the biggest being religion and politics. Outside of religion and politics you have major and minor social groups that conform to certain ideas or philosophies.

Without compromise, objectivity, introspection, and debate there can be no progress.

Hitler had some bad experiences with some Jewish people and decided it would be better if they didn’t exist. Ayn Rand witnessed the effects of extreme socialism and decided that the complete opposite has to be the answer. Karl Marx witnessed the distress of the proletariat and decided the only way to make everyone happier was through a complete abolishing of free enterprise.  It’s very common for us to be hyperbolic. When something doesn’t work many of us assume the opposite is the answer and we rarely stop to think about the center.

What is at stake is everything. Without compromise, objectivity, introspection, and debate there can be no progress. Elolight will slip away from us.

The Myth Motivator

At the core of everyone’s psychology there is a myth, an unverifiable but very power motivator which is behind any human ambition. All ambition is driven by the belief that there is the possibility that something can happen wrapped in a bubble of ideals. There is no human in existence who does not have some form of myth as a core driver of their psychology. Even in the case of a perfect scientist there will be the myth of perfect discovery or exceptional free will.

These myths permeate society and come in a variety of different forms from religion to fiction. The reality is many will not see a convergence of their myth with reality in their lifetimes. Many of those that do see a convergence will usually give value to other characteristics of themselves before biologically ordained ones to hold up their myth of the exceptional free will. While it is certainly true that the hyper intelligent and/or attractive individuals need to have certain characteristics to potentially become successful, the first are almost always a requirement.

Even in the case of a perfect scientist there will be the myth of perfect discovery or exceptional free will.

Much of our lives revolves around myth swapping, believing one thing and then when convergence is not realized, believing something else. If there is never a convergence or a convergence occurs, there is the possibility for disillusion. Without any form of illusion, Elolight, can never be reached. We must believe something can come into existence even if it seems impossible or even if it is out of reach by our current lives.

Sometimes myths may take on elaborate or, seemingly, magical characteristics. It is important however to see beyond those and see the true purpose of a myth. The glossy superfluous characteristics that may have been added to a myth is a way for their primary message to be easily transferred between humans in a non-threatening way. Almost all forms of art could be seen as a glossy wrapper for messages. Without context traversal or messaging you do not have art but instead have people or things. Even non lyrical music expresses the message of a variety of particular types of order.

Maturity is often represented as the dissolution of myth. This isn’t the case however, maturity is defined through restraint and conformity to established myths that have the greatest amount of utility to oneself. We move from believing in magical Santa Clause to believing that there is always a linear relationship between effort and accomplishment. The one thing we definitely don’t lose is our personal myths.

Naturalization & Happiness

In a video by Dan Gilbert he shows that there is data showing that after one year a person winning the lottery and a person becoming a paraplegic are both equally happy with the state of their lives. When we hear this we might instantly believe that this is completely absurd but when we look at our own lives we can deduct that this would be the case. Whether it is obtaining a house, a doctorate, or winning a million dollars we will ultimately naturalize. The average person may not be able to understand this because they are lacking something.

Imagine for a moment you’re in a desert about to die from dehydration, what would you give to get a glass of water? I would wager heavily you would offer up everything you own and could possibly own for that single glass of water. The rich will often say to the poor, “there is more to life then money” but that is akin to someone swimming in a pool telling the person about to die of thirst that water means nothing. We usually understate how important water is because we have magical faucets that can provide us seemingly unending amounts of it. Understanding contexts can allow us to understand why people that seemingly have everything can become so depressed that they can end their lives or get nasty drug habits. This can provide comfort to the envious to understand that the rich, emotionally, don’t feel any different then themselves.

If you have the world, you should build a new world you can’t have instead of throwing away the one you do.

Human naturalization is a huge threat to Elolight. Naturalization keeps pushing us to want more but it stops us from appreciating what we have already accomplished. If you received the opportunity to go into space, at first it would be absolutely amazing but the more time you spent in space it would increasingly become less interesting similar to riding the same roller coaster multiple times.

Naturalization is not so much a threat as long as it causes forward motion as opposed to regression. When people get to the top and either consciously or unconsciously start rolling back their state to a state of want, this can slow down our entire progression as a race. This seems completely absurd that anyone would do this but the desire for change can be so powerful that some humans might choose to roll back to acquire it. While rolling back can put someone into The Flow it might not ultimately have a positive outcome. We should always strive for positive change that pushes the entire race forward. If you have the world, you should build a new world you can’t have instead of throwing away the one you do.

Technology Connection

In a talk by Sherry Turkle she outlines the case that technology is connecting us so much that we are losing the ability to be alone and by doing so we are becoming more lonely. Her rhetoric is plagued with nostalgia and while she has some interesting points, she is also missing the point.

The inability to be alone and the need to always feel connected is a part of our evolution. Thanks to technology we are rapidly eliminating the need to be alone. In the past when we were hunting the ability to be alone was very useful but now the ability to be alone has less value because most projects humanity take on now are large, complicated, and require large amounts of cooperation as the mundane and simple are being replaced by automatons. Also the ability to be connected and not alone contributes to longer lives.

In her talk she talks about face to face conversation as energizing experience, however, face to face conversation is only energizing if one is an extrovert. Introverts, psychologically, are actually drained by conversations. Technology gives these people the ability to be connected and communicate without the energy drain or anxiety that is associated with direct conversations.

In addition she makes the bold assertion that robots will never be capable of empathy to which I ask the question if an artificial entity has all the experiences of a life and with those experiences would act exactly the way any other human would act, is that artificial entity’s empathy less valuable? and if yes, why? This idea that we will never be capable of making life (artificial or otherwise) that is not capable of empathy comes back to the belief that humans are perfect and therefore nothing we create could ever be as good as ourselves.

We are involuntarily moving towards Elolight and as we do more people like Sherry Turkle will emerge. People grasping on to our previous states believing we have already obtained some level of perfection. That the emotions or experiences we have are pristine and that there should not be a fundamental psychology shift in humanity. Elolight not only demands a psychology shift, it will happen despite our greatest efforts to stop it.

Opinion Confirmation

Our opinions move us. Every choice we make has some form of opinion attached to it. Even if the choice we make is made out of pure emotion, the emotion is an expression of an opinion of the mind. When something bad happens you may become sad because it is the opinion of your mind that that is the appropriate response. Everything is an opinion for the most part because, for instance, someone can become sad over something if they are lied to and believe it to be true.

Because our minds are driven by opinion, all humans are in a constant state of seeking confirmation. This has profound implications because it means that if you can identify an opinion someone is seeking to confirm you can gain a great amount of control over that person for good or evil. A direct implementation of this is in sales. A common sales technique when trying to steal business is to ask a potential client what problems they are having with their current service provider and then go on to confirm the potential client’s opinions that they just expressed. They may have a stronger need to work with you because if you perform properly, you would confirm their opinions.

There is a major problem with our opinions though and that is we are usually wrong.

Opinion confirmation drives most religious beliefs. Picking and choosing dogma, “sign” identification and coincidence marked as miracles all revolve around one main premise – we all want to be right. In psychology it is labelled as the ego and in Kabbalah the ego is the selfish driving force that pushes us to want to unite with God. There is a major problem with our opinions though and that is we are usually wrong.

The reasons we are wrong vary a lot but what they all revolve around is ignorance or the lack of perfect information. Every opinion that the majority believes is wrong revolves around this. Racism for instance is the ignorance of people, assuming that the actions of a few represent the majority when they don’t. Once we realize we can be wrong, and be wrong a lot, the first thing we will want to do is try to prevent ourselves from being wrong. In business figuring out if we are wrong or right is pretty simple, it is reflected in our bank accounts. In everything else it is much trickier.

If it an artistic opinion, you most likely will confide in a group of people who will agree with your opinions or if you’re interested in being more accurate will seek opinions outside your circle. Generally, artists who seek confirmation from a small circle of similar minded people generally create lower quality work and you will never hear of them. This is no surprise, since conflict and competition generally create higher quality products.

It is very important that as we seek Elolight we never let our opinions become too solid and we always try to keep our opinions in The Flow. When it comes to other people we should not use our knowledge of opinions to manipulate them but rather to get people to leave behind the security of believing an opinion can be absolutely true.