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Spiritual Life Cycle

A defining moment in my life was when I saw someone talking with a gleam in their eye about a belief they had in a religion that I was not previously exposed to. The gleam of certainty in their eye made me realize that this was something greater and was part of human essence. Originally I thought that this was only the product of religion but now I realize that there can potentially be unlimited catalysts for it.

The cycle seems to be consistent regardless of medium. First, the ego is abolished and this is when a person goes through their first phase of having absolute truth. The actual physical truth isn’t necessarily important. This truth can be that Jesus is the truth, Islam is the truth, or an expression of a characteristic of God. What is important here is that the person feels an absolute, this is the real truth, the God like sensation of perfect justification. For the person the factual doesn’t really matter because the God like characteristic of justification that fills them overrides logic.

The initial expression of the temporary removal of ego will be the loss of self awareness. This will result in the person acting in ways that if they had their ego and knew the perception of others, they would immediately stop. This will usually result in the estrangement of friends and sometimes family. I remember hearing new Christians talk about how they lost friends after their conversion. I realize now that these losses are not the product of enlightenment but the product of selfishness because enlightenment doesn’t bring loss.

The removal of ego is ultimately temporary because it is an essential part of humanity but when the ego re-emerges it will find itself in a different position. How does selfishness reconcile with the absolute? The compromise is validation. Validation is what the individual will attempt to do when their ego resurfaces. A religious person might attempt conversion of others or a spiritualist will promote meditation or drugs. The mechanism is of little importance but what is important is that the person feels that they can justify the absolute they feel but having others feel it.

The problem is that they don’t have the absolute physical truth instead they have an absolute feeling. There real truth is in the feeling but their physical representation of it is incorrect. Not all religions will work for everyone and not all drug usage will result in spiritual awakening. This is by design. If we could have an absolute physical truth then transcendence would be impossible. There must be a conflict in physical spiritual truths in order for humanity to continually question and push boundaries.

The question is what is past the validation phase? I think for many there is not much. They will invest their entire lives trying to push their particular brand of spirituality on whoever will accept it. Even I have my own spiritual truth which I promote to justify my absolute feeling. Outside of these selfish desires for validation I do believe there is something more.

What is next is an internal maturing or an expression that happens within oneself that no one will ever see or hear about but instead they will experience it through invention and prosperity. When talking about God the most common adjective used today is love. I think this is an invalid characterization or a very basic human representation of perfect grace. Humans are not capable of perfect grace because no single human has everything. Since we cannot know perfect grace, we resort to the closest thing we know which is love. Love ultimately is a human trait that requires hate to exist. Grace transcends and encompasses love. Invention and prosperity is a means by which a person can act as a medium of grace and facilitate transcendence for the entirety of humanity.

Important Definitions

Spiritual/Physical Truth: Physical truth and spiritual truth needs to be distinguished here. I am by no means saying that physical truth can be rejected by how you feel. I am not endorsing rejecting physical facts to justify oneself. This kind of thinking would ultimately lead to corruption. For Example, physics is a physical truth and God being love is a spiritual truth.

Physical Spiritual Truth: This is something that someone believes in to justify their existence and how they feel about the universe. Physical/mental feelings such as love or religious “truths” I would put under the category of physical spiritual truth.






Getting Lost

In Sanjay Gupta’s book chasing life a survey was done and it was discovered the majority of people would prefer to have a shorter life at full quality of life then to have a longer life with flickering at the end. Quality of life was seen as more important then length of life to the majority of people. Imagine for a moment that you were given two options and once you picked one you would forget you made the choice. The first choice is that you would live the next two weeks of your life doing incredible amazing things and by the end you will have the thought, “I could die now because I have done so much” and you actually did die. The second option is you could live to be 80 but you will never do anything exciting and instead you will report to the same job, doing the same thing every day, with a possibility that something might interesting will happen but nothing ever does.

Chasing life is a marathon which doesn’t have a finish line.

Most people choose the second option when deciding to make choices with their life but when it is said objectively the first option seems much preferable. There is an idiom that is constantly used and that is, “live your life like you will die tomorrow.” I don’t necessarily recommend this because you will probably find yourself the next day without a job and having set all your possessions on fire. The way you should live life is the way it truly is, you will die. It doesn’t matter how healthy you eat, how well you take care of body, or even if they find a cure for aging. You are going to die. Chasing life is a marathon which doesn’t have a finish line. This doesn’t mean that you should purposefully do things that will shorten life span, but you shouldn’t waste so much time on it that it replaces the life you could live.

Life shouldn’t be about doing the things that we are having robots do. The human experience is so much more then selling another trinket. Elolight is about creating improved sunsets, not contributing to a production complex only. One of the easiest ways to discover life is to purposefully get lost. Getting lost safely can lead to a world of discovery. You might feel getting lost will reduce your life span, but I can assure you that if you never get lost you will certainly never find anything.