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When the big bang theory first emerged there was a lot of push back; the idea that the entire universe came from a single point seemed to elude to the concept of creation. Absolutely everything coming from a single point, that is absurd! As time passed the idea that this could be proof of a creator slowly vanished. Instead, the mere fact that we were smart enough to figure out a mechanic became a substitute for purpose.

Scientists quickly ran into problems with the theory and needed to come up with an explanation for things like the horizon problem which is why they invented inflation; a mathematical equation to justify the entire out come of the universe.

There is a fundamental problem with this and that is even if you can formulate an equation that has a proper result, it doesn’t actually mean the equation or numbers are correct. With algebra one of the first things you learn is that you can’t solve an equation with two unknowns such as X+Y=2. The result doesn’t change but X and Y can literally be anything.

As science figures out more and more they are constantly running into X+Y=2. This is why theories like the universe is a hologram are starting to emerge. This is a declaration that we are starting to hit a wall. Some will broadly prescribe a the gap God theory without starting to acknowledge some fundamental issues that are starting to emerge that are not only theoretical but also most probably improvable and without proof science is as accurate as religion.

Who will pick up the pieces as more people start to discover the difference between mechanics and purpose? The worst case scenario is religion because this would just make everything worse for everyone. We must instead focus on each other because it will only be with true collective intelligence that we can move past our limits.


Blurring The Lines

bionic hands

Jason Koger is one of the first people to have two complete bionic hands. After losing both his hands, using technology he now has the capability to grasp things as small as jelly beans. Advances like this one support the idea that technology is rapidly integrating directly with us as opposed to being simply an auxiliary source of information or capability.

As technology becomes more advanced something very apparent rises to the surface. What we consider to be advanced technology is simply us catching up with nature. The primary difference between technology and traditional nature is that we have far more control over technology. As advanced as we often think we are, all our technology really does is replicate things in nature. Let’s use a car for example. While a car may not have any organic material present besides oil, a car functions very similar to the human body. It takes in food (gasoline) and then converts this food into energy which is utilized to execute its primary function of movement. While engaging in this process it does other similar things to us as well, for instance a car has filters and this is the same function our liver serves.

Soon we are going to start running into issues between what our technology can accomplish and our ideals. For instance, we all want to protect trees (for the most part) but trees are highly inefficient at clearing the atmosphere of pollutants; we require a significant amount of trees. What if with technology we can create a better tree? What if this new tree was almost indistinguishable from current trees?

The answer to this question is that humanity should come first, but we should make sure we are not jeopardizing ourselves by implementing brand new technology too quickly. With anything brand new there is always the potential for problems. We can mitigate this risk by not implementing new technology too fast. That said, we should never dismiss technology for the sole reason that it is in conflict with our existing ideals because our ideals can always change.

Eckhart Tolle is a Drug Dealer

lake yogaYour ego causes you so much stress, you need to let go of thinking and discover your true soul. This is the path to freedom and peace.

The above statement is true but that isn’t a good thing. It is very true that meditation and discovering what people call your true center can have a certain peaceful affect on your psychology. However, this could slow our progression down as a race and have some other unforeseen consequences.

Every human action is powered by the ego. Every action derives from want. Your desire and need to find peace, and think about peace, is also driven by your ego. The mental gymnastics people are playing with themselves to “view the viewer” is a method of giving you peace through release. When you surrender, you give up the need to become more accomplished. This is why the most spiritual of people will either be those at the very top who can’t really accomplish much more or those at the bottom who can’t seem to accomplish anything.

To surrender the need to accomplish is no different then taking a drug to override your senses. While people might think they are casting off their ego what they are actually doing is reprogramming it. The very method of meditation is a mechanism for psychological programming. Whenever you have a thought you discard it and you stay focused on the present. When things bubble up to your consciousness and you discard them you are telling your unconscious that these things don’t matter as much because the whole purpose of the consciousness is to prioritize importance.

Don’t get me wrong, meditation is very important to do. In fact I endorse meditating some what frequently. It is like cleaning out a closet. What I don’t endorse is to stop caring or to delude yourself in to thinking you can actually stop caring. No one seems to find it odd that these people who have discovered how to truly stop caring, care so little that they need to tell everyone about it?

“A trait that we call empathy, a trait that completely vanishes if everyone simply accepts everything.”

We have incorrectly demonized selfishness. Every philanthropic action in the world is a way of forming a better world for ourselves. When we vilify selfishness incorrectly it is not good for society. Are you evil when you feel hunger and selfishly want to eat? Of course not. We create a hyperbole where on one side of the spectrum we have people who give away everything and live in poverty (saints) and on the other you have these evil business men who take money for services. The ego is a core to our selfishness and it makes us want to accomplish things. That isn’t to say it is perfect but it actually has done a some what decent job so far in progressing us as a human race.

I want to change the world, or at least try. If I stopped caring and simply accepted life for what it was there would be little motivation for me to do so. In a Brave New World a drug called soma was discussed that had zero biological side effects. This drug allowed the “beta” working class to do horrible jobs but get through it. I can’t help but believe that spirituality revolving around the attempted casting off of the ego is the soma of this society. It’s a way of allowing people to deal with, sometimes incorrectly, the dissatisfaction with their lives.

The main problem is that right now we can’t support everyone being satisfied. Someone has to clean the sewers. However, we’re trying to fix that. We can get workers out of the sewers with technology but that technology might not be developed by someone who is satisfied either, it might be developed by someone who just needs to pay their bills. At a certain point there will be so many improvements that we will enter what I call the second phase. In this phase we will be able to live in ways that right now we can’t even think or dream about.

The difference between say Eckhart Tolle and I is that I believe that dissatisfaction is necessary to improve the lives of all humans where as he thinks that everyone can just learn to deal with their terrible situations. He is a glorified drug dealer. People who work in sewers should not be happy about what they’re doing because then who would be interested in getting them out of that situation? Our need to help others stems from a trait that we call empathy and this is a trait that completely vanishes if everyone simply accepts everything.

The New Tech Class

0624_artificial-intelligence_390x220 (1)There have been a lot of conversations going on about the need for people to learn how to code and the opportunities that are present. Since the creation of modern computing something interesting has started to happen, we have introduced a new form of literacy called coding. Traditional language is responsible for communicating status while the language of coding is responsible for communicating function.

This is a very new invention for the human race. We now have the ability to communicate functions to machines that will do actions without question. In the past if we wanted to get another human to do a function we would have to resort to trust, manipulation, or force. However with the advent of computers we now have the capability to have machines function through explicit language.

While it is new, we are starting to witness what I believe will be a growing trend. You will have two classes of people, those who can code, and those who cannot. Now this might seem absurd until you realize that something with significantly less power then coding already has a divisive affect on the world and that is common literacy. Those with computer skills are also starting to become the most rich people in the world as well. It is only going to get worse. As coding manifests itself as automation and things like 3D Printing become the norm, coders, and also those with technical skills, will increasingly have a significant edge over everyone else who doesn’t have the same capabilities. This doesn’t just apply to economics, it applies to warfare as well.

All wars, even religious ones, come down to economics. In the past the easiest way to do a large amount of economic damage was to kill other humans. The problem with this method was that both parties would lose. Increasingly humans are being left out of the equation entirely with things like drones. Further it is easier to attack through cyber methods then through traditional warfare. As the world becomes more and more globalized, the ability to steal digital work is far more valuable then having the capability to destroy and kill. Death and destruction will only lead to creating economic entities (countries or otherwise) that you can no longer exploit.

Now if this sounds like paradise, it’s not. Those without the capability to participate will be left in an absolute state of desperation and this can lead to internal violence. So while wars between countries may stop, internal economic pressures could result in an increase in violent crimes. The only way to combat such potential threats to civilization are to insure that as many people have the capabilities required as possible. If you have children, I highly recommend nudging them to learn how to code, even if they want to do something else with their lives. Their ability to code may be invaluable to them in the future.

We’re New At This

When it comes to the economy, technology, and government the human race is relatively new to this. People will regularly make claims about certain policies working or not working but the reality is that on many issues there are so many variables involved that we can’t really know for 100% certainty if something worked or, more importantly, if something worked for the reasons we think it did.

Consider for a moment that a hundred years ago we didn’t have flight. We are facing problems today that humanity has simply never encountered before because we didn’t have the technology. Globalization is happening and we are really only scratching the surface. Flight is only one major change, more recently we have had the technological communication revolution (the internet) and fundamental changes in production because of automation.

With all of these things being relatively new it is really hard for anyone or any economist to really make perfect predictions for the future. We simply don’t have enough information yet. In 200-300 years humanity will have a trove of data to dig through regarding policies and the economic implications of those policies but right now all we can really do is make best guess scenarios. No one likes to think of themselves as being experimented on but that is actually the reality of what is going on right now.

In exchange for being able to witness some of the most fundamental changes in human history we pay for it by, unfortunately, being the test subjects of figuring out how all this is going to work out. It is important for us to recognize this because, as I have stated in other posts, it is very easy for us to be hyperbolic and make knee jerk reactions to things. We really are in one of the most important times in history. We are the explorers and discoverers of what will work for us moving forward in this new world we are creating for ourselves. Like anything worth doing there are heavy risks involved but I believe the risks, in this instance, are well worth it.

Droidism and Cyborgs

Since we have started getting modern technology the idea of androids has been around us. The idea that we can have integrated biology and technology. While perfect integration doesn’t exist yet, we have all very much become androids. Most of us carry around smart phones now which can act as a map,  type writer, calculator, tv, flash light, photo/video camera, and it can even be used as a phone. We already take it for granted, but this technology in the form we have it today didn’t exist 10+ years ago. The only thing really missing from smart phone are tools to interact with physical environments.

So where is this all leading? The dream, to some, is to have integrated biology and technology. The first thing we need in order to do this is biological batteries and this is already being developed. So is our future to have our body riddled with various forms of foreign technology? The answer is, I believe, not what you would expect. Being human we like to believe our technology is something special but really what technology is is rudimentary artificial biology designed to do specific tasks. Take a car for instance, it consumes fuel (food) to generate energy to perform a motor function. A car is a microcosm of the human digestive system.

As our technology advances something will start to happen that we may have not predicted, technology will merge almost fully with biology and by this I mean technology and natural occurrences will seem almost indistinguishable. The future isn’t to have artificial technological devices throughout our body, instead, it is to have modified biology which performs the functions of technology that are indistinguishable from our regular bodies.

This will extend far past ourselves and our bodies. Things like trees could potentially be replaced by superior versions of themselves designed specifically to cater more to human society and provide things like improved pollution filtering. Bio engineers have already started rebuilding bacteria to produce crude oil. All of these things are signs of what is to come.

Human Accomplishment

In the past 200 years we are flying through the sky using artificial contraptions, speaking to people on the other side of the planet in an instant,  growing organs, driving ground vehicles that travel faster then any other creature on the planet, illuminating the earth at night with artificial light, travelling into space, and splitting atoms. This is the most important time in human history ever; we have only been treading water for the last couple billion years until now.

Some may look at humanity and point out all the flaws or looking for radical economic and political change. While I think the ideas are interesting, it’s a little sour with unrealistic idealism. The reality is that there has never been any political system that has stood the test of time. Capitalism, facism, and socialism have all been tried to their extremes and have failed. The problem is that most humans don’t understand that political and economic failure is a part of evolution. When things fail and collapse what remains is the strongest bits.

The reality is there has never been any political system that has stood the test of time.

There is no such thing as a long-term lasting political/economic system and if there were it means we have reached the apex of our possible evolution. However it is important, despite unavoidable failure, that humans strive for the best possible systems. I don’t think this would be accomplished by starting completely fresh. In the grand scheme of things the largest corporations and the most greedy politicians are a relatively small blip on the human radar.