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Atheism’s Core Problem

The Atheistic belief revolves around certain philosophical arguments to justify its stance. Logically it is based on an impossibility, you cannot prove a negative. Since proving that something does not exist is an impossibility, the default is to use absurdity. Arguments such as, “Could God make a rock so heavy, that he could not lift it?” or “God is as real as a flying spaghetti monster.” All of the logical absurdity arguments are always rooted in some form of physical realm, they have to be, because it is only in the physical realm one can create a logical absurdity. If an extra dimensional entity exists it cannot be proven or disproved using basic physics. Even though as a race our understanding of the extra dimensions is increasing, the atheistic belief cannot form logical absurdities using our newly discovered knowledge because physically rooted absurdities do not hold up under our new knowledge.

One of the first monotheistic religions to exist was Judaism and it put forward the idea that God had no physical attributes what so ever. This in itself was a complex subject matter that humans in the physical realm have a hard time grasping. It is only when God appears (real or not) to manifest physically that the God concept can be attacked. These physical forms are many with not the least of which of course being religion.

However, if one is to believe in an extra dimensional entity that is present in all things then one must also accept that God is also present in Atheism and uses it as a tool for its ultimate purpose. What is presented in Atheism instead is a standing opposing character reference. Despite their unwavering need to define a godless reality, they never the less proceed to apply universal physical traits to God in order to make the concept vulnerable, in their belief, to attack. The most important universal characteristic they apply is that of God being good. This question usually takes the form of, “If God is good why does God allow this certain bad event to occur.” The logical route isn’t that God is bad, instead they force a different choice, “God is either good or does not exist.” This of course is because regardless of actual existence, the definition of God we all know and Atheism reviles and fights against anything that seems to counter our internal definition of God. Atheism leads the fight against those who use God to their own selfish gratification.

Objectively we know that suffering is good. Suffering drives us and without suffering we would not have choice. Objectivity does not seem to work with atheism when it comes to proving God. We want God to be personally self serving, if God cannot satisfy our most selfish of desires, God does not exist. However, this is important because it drives selfishness into a corner. It makes us question our very essence which is that of selfishness and selfishness seems completely incompatible with God.

Which bring us to the crux, if any application of selfishness makes God absurd or incomprehensible to us, why is that? Its because God cannot be understood in any selfish definition because an ultimate extra dimensional entity is the antithesis of selfishness. The paradox serves a specific purpose, to help us define something that is our opposite.


The Perfect Feeling

We are all obsessed with our feelings whether we acknowledge it or not. When evil acts happen around us we feel horrible and we are left asking ourselves why? The reality is a trait both good and evil share is they are both highly addictive. Most of us generally walk down the path of light because goodness corresponds directly to human survival. However, on both paths their is the hope of revelation. We are constantly hunting down the revelation of how the universe functions and by this I mean we seek to understand if the world is either good or evil. Many humans who witness injustice will feel deeply disturbed and try to right the wrong because the universe functioning the way they need is critical to their psyche.

The concepts we know as good and evil are nothing more then masks for our selfish desires and a veil to the prison we are in.

How can evil truly exist if every evil act we classify as evil can lead to positives? Shootings can draw communities together  and even make presidential candidates stop fighting and reflect. If evil is simply acts that would vanish with our demise then evil is not a persistent force. The reality is that the true evil of the universe, the invisible force that permeates all existence, is the fight. The concepts we know as good and evil are nothing more then masks for our selfish desires and a veil to the prison we are in.

We all feel there is something wrong with the universe and even someone who feels they have discovered the truth through religion longs to leave this universe. This idea has been with us since Plato and The Allegory of the Cave. All pleasure and pain is ultimately short lived but the war in our universe will continue until we choose to stop.

We all desire to gain more of certain feelings such as happiness, peace, or power. All of these feelings are fleeting because they are merely reactions to an imperfect world. We are designed to pursue these feelings because they satisfy the biological. Even meditation, the “hallmark” of spirituality, is merely a feeling to suppress the negative feeling of noise and chaos. So what is the perfect feeling?

The perfect feeling is not a sensation like we traditionally know it, it can be seen as post-peace. It’s an existence in a self perpetuating presence that is void of chaos and corruption. If one gains the feeling in this reality it is momentary at best. If one feels the perfect feeling, the moment they leave it, it will change to something else because the feeling can’t be felt or understood within the confines of our chaotic subjective existence. It can’t be compared to other feelings because it is only a feeling because there is no other close word for it. This 4th dimensional feeling can only be felt from within itself and this is what we are striving for with ascension.

The Plight

Everything complex begins as simple and crude. Advancement comes at the price of its predecessors. However, advancement can take place only within the confines of chaos and with a catalyst of some sort. In the case of humans the catalyst is scarcity which is the scarcity of resources and time.

This plight which is the catalyst for evolution is also the catalyst for destruction. In order to evolve further humans must gain new catalysts and depreciate current ones. The process of conversion from the new to old cannot be instantaneous, it must be progressive.

While all primitive instincts must be phased out eventually to ascend, they cannot be phased out without an alternative and in some cases may require biological modification and/or evolution. For instance if procreation was turned to mechanical means, humans would still have the primitive instinct to copulate. Also sex is a mechanism for justifying chaos. While absolute peace may be far superior to any form of euphoria, we are incapable of experiencing complete peace short of absolute and completed Ascension. So pleasure must remain with us until the final pleasure is Ascension.

All happiness is a justification of chaos. In the absence of chaos, happiness does not exist, there is only peace. Every happy moment is an indication of temporary subjective ordering of life and chaos. Absolute happiness is the absolution of emotion. Since this objective is far off, the pursuit of purified happiness and peace are the most straight forward method to Ascension.

  1. Chaos Exists
  2. Happiness is the ordering of chaos
  3. Less Chaos equals more happiness
  4. No Chaos equals peace, but no happiness
  5. No emotion equals Ascension

When I reference Chaos, I am not only referring to external circumstance, but internal circumstance as well. A person’s life may be completely ordered on the outside but due to emotion they may be chaotic on the inside. Emotion is a mechanism of ordering internal chaos. While we should strive to order the external, without internal management, no amount of external order will affect one’s inside state. The Flow is actually a form of temporary external chaos that results in an internal ordering for better or for worse. It is almost always an external event that push us to change, however, in very rare instances one can have an internal event that makes them see their current life in a different state.

Let me give an example, someone I knew hated their job but they still went every day. Every day they did the exact same thing and became emotionally bored. While his life was externally ordered, inside he was chaos. He was constantly wrestling with what he should do with his life. He eventually quit and moved on to a he job he found more fulfilling. There was not a major shift of order from one job to the next, but what did change was the order inside of him. If I believed complete external order would lead to happiness, I would not believe in the flow. The flow is sometimes temporary or longer lasting moments of external chaos that lead to potentially more happiness. If emotion did not exist, he would of never got bored, and therefore would of potentially been happy /content with the work he was originally doing. Emotion exists in order to consolidate and order our internal state.

War on the Universe

In my post, Fighting Nature, I discussed the importance of humans making humanity the #1 priority and the delusion of harmonious and peaceful primitive nature. Humanity has a lot of threats and one of the biggest being humanity itself. However, contrary to what a lot of idealists portray, war is not the biggest threat to humanity. Short of a catastrophic nuclear war that managed to wipe out the entire world, the victors of war are always humans and therefore humans will continue to exist.

The biggest threat to humanity is not humans but instead the rest of the universe and possibly other life on this planet. A world ending meteor, plagues, solar collapse, and global warming are all bigger threats to humanity then just war. As the world globalizes its economy, war is increasingly becoming a less viable option because of integrated economic consequences. So the biggest reason for peace is no longer mutually assured destruction but instead it is mutually assured economic collapse.

let’s stop waging war on ourselves and wage war on our truest enemy, the universe.

As we strive towards Elolight we must realize that our biggest enemy is actually the universe. A large amount of things do not care about us and will feel no emotion when wiping us out. We have evolved fighting the universe and we have not evolved because the universe has helped us in any way except for letting our building blocks exist. A lot of people may look at humans and our small planet earth and say we are insignificant and they would be right – that needs to change.

We haven’t discovered any other intelligent life in the universe yet and that means for all intensive purposes the universe can be ours. We don’t need to remain small. We can populate the entire universe and, quite possibly, bend the entire universe to our will if we are quick and don’t wait to be wiped out.  So let’s stop waging war on ourselves and wage war on our truest enemy, the universe.

More then 1 or 0 and The Big Bang

When engaged in conversations with people I will often hear justifying statements that work through polarization. One of the most popular ones comes from religious Christians with the line, “If part of the bible is wrong then whole thing is wrong.” People will often make the simple observation that things have opposites and therefore they jump to the conclusion that the whole world works that way. It is a very simple way of thinking and in the majority of cases it does not apply.

When defining the world we have a whole range of adjectives that reflect the gradient nature of life like good, amazing, best, horrible, average, awful, and worst are all examples of words we use to define things. The simple act of telling someone how a movie was usually involves some form of non-binary grade. Yet still people persist to point out opposites like they occur often but when you put things into perspective, opposites happen the least. So why the persistence? Binary thinking is a great way to make rapid choices. When survival depends on an instant, you have to choose left or right.  As our society has evolved binary thinking is not only becoming less useful, it is also becoming dangerous.

The world doesn’t function in binary even though we would like it to.

Let’s take for instance the Big Bang. When we look out into our universe we see that everything is moving away from a singular point and so it only makes sense that the entire universe came from that point, correct? However there is one major problem with this theory and that is that it is based on a limited observation. Hundreds of years ago we looked around ourselves and said, “Everything is flat and therefore the planet must be flat.” We’re now doing the exact same thing with space. This comes back to binary thinking; making assumptions and assertions based on our immediate simple observations.

The world doesn’t function in binary even though we would like it to. Let’s face it if everything was either 1 or 0 the world would make more sense. The reality is though that the options aren’t only good or evil, black or white, day or night, and everything or nothing.

Fighting Nature

Ants, my favorite insect, have been known to build very large and impressive nests. Hypothetically, if ants could get to the point where they could regularly build sky scrapers, would we look at ants and call them unnatural? Only with humans do you have such a level of arrogance that we believe the things we make are outside the scope of nature. Some humans go to great lengths to defend primitive nature, sometimes even going as far as putting their own lives on the line to do so, but not only is this wrong, but the value of what people call “natural” is relative to where we are at as a human race.

If we as humans don’t make ourselves the #1 priority there is no value to the universe and every creature that has died, or will die, in the process we have identified as evolution has died in vain.

Nature doesn’t exist to exist in some kind of harmonious nonfluctuating state, it also doesn’t exist to support us in particular and we don’t exist to support it either. Nature exists for one reason and this is to promote evolution and progression. If it wasn’t meant to do this, simply put, we would not exist. Cities are are our forest. While I am aware that my views of this will not be popular with many, there are some very important delusions I must point out regarding nature.

1.  Nature is Peaceful
When strolling through man made parks we get a skewed view of what nature is actually like. If you believe that humanity is so bad with our murders, you haven’t seen murder on a larger scale until you enter a rain forest. If you’re any creature in a rain forest (heck even if you’re a human) you’re death by murder is around 50%+, so that means you will likely be killed for food or defense by another creature if you’re living there.

2. Nature is Efficient
Trees while the best mechanism we have right now for cleaning the air, and creating oxygen (and really one of the primary reasons we want to defend primitive nature) are horribly horribly inefficient. If they were actually good at their jobs, we wouldn’t need a ton of them, and Global warming wouldn’t be an issue. Tree’s weren’t designed to support us, instead they were designed to feed off us. In fact, using technology we are coming up with better and more efficient ways to not only clean the air but also create oxygen. However, that said, clear cutting down forests wouldn’t be suggested since we don’t have such systems implemented yet.

3. Humans are “unnatural”
We are completely natural, everything we do and all of our inventions are made in this universe. To believe our cities are doing some kind of disservice to the world is an illusion of arrogance; that we are some how outside the scope of reality. Imagine for a moment that you are an ultra advanced entity that is living in an ecosystem that we can barely fathom right now and you looked at the human race. Not only would you see a mix of forests and cities, but you also wouldn’t point to one and say that forest is nature and that city is not. In the same way we wouldn’t point at an ant nest and say that’s no longer nature.

Protecting primitive nature is important because it provides us a significant amount of resources, however, trying to create sustainable solutions that some how have to work with primitive creatures and plants is a waste of time if we can create our own ecological systems that are sustainable and benefit us directly. We should not focus on trying to make things work with what is already here if it is too difficult. If tomorrow all the humans died off because of a nuclear war, nature would come back, because that is nature. There is no guarantee that any of those creatures that come back will have any form of compassion at all, or ever even have the possibility of exploring space or creating universes like we currently do.

If we as humans don’t make ourselves the #1 priority there is no value to the universe and every creature that has died, or will die, in the process we have identified as evolution has died in vain.

The Conflict

Fundamentally the human body is the universe, the infinite complexities of all chemistry can be and is discovered from within. Despite its personal chaos, it is also capable of restraint and this capability is practiced no where else in the universe. So while the body is the universe, its capability for restraint appears to be separate.

There is an ongoing war between our bodies (chaos) and ourselves (restraint). Put another way there is an ongoing war between our bodies (chaos/evil) and ourselves (restraint/order/good). When both exist simultaneously, there is conflict. The conflict is neither good or evil but instead exists to achieve resolution.

When resolution is not discovered, insanity ensues. Insanity being the repetition of non progressive actions or events. In this situation there must be an outside intercession. For example, the dinosaurs being killed ended insanity and allowed for new evolution.

In this scenario a “harmonious” ecosystem is insane, since there is neither forward or backwards progression.