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Evil Freedom Of Speech

We defend freedom of speech quite heavily, but what about when freedom of speech can be directly linked to mass murders and mass killings? New organizations, such as CNN, are supposed to be a public interest group and report news. They are not supposed to glorify mass murders and put them on to leader boards. Forensic psychologists know why a large amount of shootings happen, the shooters are looking for attention. When the Virginia Tech shooting happened, not only was the shooter placed on a leader board for the entire world to see, he sent press packages to the news organizations which then proceeded to shamelessly use them.

While many of my posts are objective view points about underlying moral principals, this particular issue is one that can be fixed some what easily. The victims of the shooter need to sue news organizations for the death of their loved ones. The shooter(s) own traits of arrogance and need for attention could be used against these organizations. They will more likely then not admit that they did the shootings out of a need for attention and that press coverage from organizations like CNN helped push them over the edge.

Freedom of speech is important but when speech is being utilized primarily for the need to raise ratings and money for private organizations it needs to be stopped when it can lead to mass murders. Humans are drawn to the exceptional, the unique events in life, this is why we slow down when we see a car crash or are drawn to news websites when we hear there is a disastrous event. It is entertaining because it is exceptional but that doesn’t make it right. Those causality numbers that CNN rhymes off so readily as a score are more then just numbers, they are actually people. While the majority of people might find it interesting, for the family of those victims, those numbers actually represent sadness and horror.