The Flow

Perfection is always arrived to by a series of mistakes, if no mistakes occur it is because they have already happened in the past and the gathered experience has been passed forward through education or genetic memory. Most things that occur in our lives are predictable, we most likely know what will happen at work tomorrow to a relative level of certainty. We aggressively desire predictability to such an extent that many humans will spend hours in video games because of their predictability. It makes sense, predictability correlates directly to survival. For instance, job security directly relates to a roof over your head, and food on the table. However, if the universe was always predictable and conformed to a reality we think we want, the entire human race would become stagnant. We would merely exist with no forward motion whatsoever; we would survive, but Elolight would be impossible.

The flow is what I refer to as the force that motivates change. It is the mistakes, the unpredictable events which force us to change and evolve. The unexpected job loss, the car accident, the death of a loved one, or the lottery win. The flow is what moves life in such a way that it makes it worth living. It is the unexpected innovative dream or vision you have that can change the world, or when you expect one thing to happen and the exact opposite does. The flow is constant, sometimes loud, and constantly changing. Like a river that can carve out canyons the flow is so incredibly necessary for the human race that it must be protected at all costs.


14 thoughts on “The Flow

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  3. The Setta

    Very interesting post. It kind of reminds me of my thoughts on predictability. I used to study Actuarial Science and a greater portion of the course deals with prediction and probability. Later on after I graduated, I had my own thoughts about it. As you have pointed out perfection is arrived at by a series of mistakes. Eventually, a base of knowledge is constructed as certain variables values start to equate somehow to success. Kind of like how a time series equation is made. Still even when an equation is drawn, we always recognize a margin of error for variables we have not yet discovered. This is what makes the future uncertain. So do our values come from the flow (the realization of these margins for error) or does the flow come about as a result of our inherent values and our need to satisfy them?

    1. Jonathan Wagner Post author

      I have a saying which I use often and that is random is simply ignorance of the variables involved. The best random number generators actually use noise from space, because the amount of variables are so astronomical that it would be near impossible to predict how the noise was generated.

      However there is almost a paradox when it comes to things like financial markets, because the very research you can do and then implement in itself is introducing a new highly complex impossible to predict variable. So rather the moment you start trading on a new type of research you introduce a new variable everyone else has to figure out. Predictability in the stock market comes from either the cluster illusion (people by happen chance doing the same thing) or an underlying fundamental motivator that has a net positive or negative gain.

      A good example of unpredictability is a moving average, on every chart and website a moving average will be plotted to the very right of a chart. People will look at these lines as “support” and “resistance” but the joke is that a moving average which is a data filter should actually be moved back half the value of the moving average. So a 10 day moving average should actually have its last point at 5 days prior (all data filters have lag). No one really cares about this, but enough people actually believe price motion can bump off these lines that it could actually affect price motion.

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  10. Jay

    The best random number generators use noise from space? Humm, a SETI index might well advance chaos science then toward higher orders of predicate orders based on purer random sources (such as cosmic microwave background radiation). Perhaps this would assuage atheists in response to agnostics by respect of a turning in civics to astrodynamical market growth through the use of satellite integrations into the marketplace as a driver instead of a sector of advancements, eh?

    1. Jonathan Wagner Post author

      This is an interesting thought and it is actually beyond my initial thoughts on this. Could pure forms of chaos lead to beneficial growth? It would be an interesting experiment to see who would make more money, those trading on a market driven by something like background radiation data or those trading on the actual market.

      However I digress, my main reason for promoting the idea of The Flow is to stop human stagnation not necessarily to promote chaos. It does make me happy that my ideas, as rudimentary as they are, could spawn this much more advanced idea.

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